Our Process



Admission enrolment for the foreign Institutes starts from 1st of January and lasts till 25 August annually for summer intake and from 30 October till 20 January for spring intake. Our state wise seminar & online seminars dates are available on the site or you can directly contact us.
As per your choice we guide you to choose country and university. Our staff will make all attempts to solve any query that the student/parent may have about studying in abroad. We help you to take a look on the campus, standard, courses specialization, facilities, and services offered by university. You can search information on internet (Yes Google It!!) about standard, ranking, facilities, Environment that suits you of selected country and University. After successful selection follow the steps below.


Once you have selected the desire course and university, Aspirants needs to fill the Application from in Apply Now section providing all information about himself/herself, Parents occupation, academic details of 10th; 11th; 12th; standard, Passport Details.
Once you submit online/offline Application form immediately submit all the Xerox – copies of 1. School documents of secondary & higher secondary certificates (10th;11th ;12th;) for bachelor /under graduated studies. 2. Degree and graduates diploma certified for master/post graduate studies. 3. Copies of the passport pages containing photo, personal data, date of passport issue/expiry date, place of passport issue. The passport must be valid NOT less than 2 years after the date of supposed arrival to respective country. 4. Dully Signed Application form ( You can download it from HERE )
Further Documents like curriculum vitae (CV), Motivation Letter, Essay will be prepared under are direction & guidelines.


At the time of submission of the application and all the mentioned above documents the candidate pays processing fees us (which is in case of unilateral student’s refusal to study it is not refunded) and tuition fees to. All information about payments are available at our information desk. We charge Fees for our genuine services, includes many things that can't count as time is big killer but some of them are Counselling, Preparation of Motivation Letter, Essay, CV, University follow-up, Looking for Scholarship scope, Documents Preparation, Visa Procedures, Foreign Support, Overall Guidance & Many More. It's our experience & expertise that become driving force to your success.
After submission of necessary documents along with the payments we will start processing your Admission & Invitation Letter. The “Invitation letter for studies” is processed by the Federal Migration Service of the concern country .Processing of invitation letter takes 30 to 40 days for European/Asian Universities after submitting all the documents to the university.


Our staff will ensure you about Visa success. In this period aspirants should follow the instruction given by our help desk for sending or receiving any original/scanned documents.
Paying Remaining expenses and Fees:
Paying Tuition fees, Hostel accommodation , Life & health insurance to us. Paying remaining processing fees of Education overseas. Make the payment of tuition, hostel accommodation, Health and life insurance fees as per conversion rate for exchange through the wire transfer/swift according to the copy of the received invoice from our confirmation letter. Some of our alliance university provide provision to pay at there location & if you are on scholarship than why to worry!
Pre Departure Ceremony:
After successful payment of all the expenses, aspirants should attend the pre-departure ceremony conducted by us (before 5 days prior to departure date) .where aspirants will know the items that he/she should take ( Clothes Food Material, Books, Etc) , date of departure & travel plan according to the schedule fixed by our management staff.


All aspirants should remember the instruction given by us about the Airport & Gate. International Airport requests that all departing passengers on international flights must be at the airport at least 4 hours prior to their flight departure time. Your pick-up time will be scheduled according to this request & managing authority of Education overseas will be there with you during your whole journey. We recommend all the students/parents/guardian to reach the airport city before one day prior to the departure date.
Post Arrival
Our services included airport pick-up, No more hassle for first time visitor. Dinner/Lunch faciities are provided while traveling to the destination.
Getting Ready
After reaching , we will give general advice and consultation for the initial settlement in respective country. Our staff will be there to assist you for initial settlement.