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Who Are We

Carving the elegance of education and innovation, it gives us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as your career guide for charting along steady growth of globalization and diversification. We imagine a world where each tutee is enabled to settle on the best option for their study alternatives. Our central goal is to interface students with worthy guidance. Hiddentalent.in is established with an aim to present you the wider array of career options available and assist you in selection of the best. Shrinking the globe for you, our teams of professionals have gathered the core essence for each. Be it a school student or a working personnel, Hiddentalent.in has versioned information and facts to handle the queries of every individual. As a team, we are responsible to unleash capability of individuals to roll out positive improvement.

Our Approach

We provide career counselling services to all those who want to excel in their life and are like a life giver for those who are finding difficulty to choose the correct life path. The students in higher classes, graduates or those who are pursuing any degree are provided with career guidance so that they can resort their hesitation and can revamp and restructure themselves into enhanced and successful professionals based on their skills. With the team of experts, we are able to provide the appropriate guidance that has helped many aspirants in moulding their future. We also organize self appraisal sessions for the aspirants so that they can discover and identify their inner potential.

Our Mission

We believe that to realize one's dreams, one needs to set well-defined goals. To chase those goals, it is important to keep the right attitude at every point.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. - Winston Churchill

While supporting someone is appreciable and often needed, enabling and inspiring one to independently pursue one's goals with a go-getter attitude makes a long lasting impact. Eventually, they tend to also help others do the same, and that is how we aim to contribute in building a free-thinking, progressive, and modern society.

Our Team

We combine years of experience and insights from our founder with the enthusiasm and energy of our young team members to essentially have the right balance in our offerings.


Ajay Sharma

Founder and CEO

Ajay is a thought leader, scholar, philosopher, social reformer, philanthropist and a great educationist who hails from a humble background of scholars, pathfinders, poets and artists as he was born in a staunch and principled Brahmin family of Alwar, an administrative headquarter in the Indian state of Rajasthan.
He is enduing a core team of dynamic youth at Hiddentalent.in who wants to turn their passion into a thriving business through education and global exposure, making them proficient and self-sufficient for sustainable vogue of next generation. With his vast and globetrotting experience in student and sports counselling, he is bestowing his life for development of young talent pool that can bridge education, sports, B2B and tourism together with employment and opportunities.
With his special emphasis on strategy development, he has ensured significant expansion of youth as a viable and telling asset and founded Hiddentalent.in, a lean and resilient organization that can effectively weather the cyclicality of the vulnerable youth.
He organized cultural, sports and education exchange programs in different Indian institutions as the Honorary Head of British Colleges Sports India, which disciplined sports and global studies focusing on employment as necessary evolution of social and economic needs. He was responsible for providing thought leadership for the exposure and development of enterprise strategies and solutions for culture assessment through the organization. He made remarkable reforms in education through sports and education, bringing best available globally, to India. He desires to educate the underprivileged and advocates the induction of superior western learning into traditional Indian education system, providing them with infrastructure and conveniences that can uplift each to an echelon visualized only as a lucid dream.
His association with Indian based companies across the globe has significantly changed population into aspiring and talented workforce, effectively translating employment and generation priorities as leveraged and sustainable business relationships. Ajay is entrusted with the task of giving shape to the vulnerable youth into a sustainable workforce through self-innovated path by combining his well-honed business acumen with his genuine desire to make a change in the society, giving back what was accomplished.
His passion for travelling has always strived him hard to reach for skies, but his obsession with education has deeply rooted his feet into the ground.


Utkarsha Sharma

Globalization and Collaborations

Utkarsha comes from counselling, consulting, advisory and business background. She has extensive experience of over 9 years in strategy development and leads global operations management associated with alliance of widely divergent opinions and projections. She acts as a catalyst to national and foreign universities kindling their journey of association with India by processing transfer of information and increased networking activity that amplify the effect of globalization both at global and personal level.
During her time at Robert Davies Associates UK, she eccentrically delivered outstanding results through building high performing teams and delivering sustained value for collaborations of both public and private organizations in India and UK. Utkarsha, an innovative thinker prevailing world as a “global village” affecting people everywhere; crystallized significant projects interconnecting education and sports with British Colleges Sports UK and Rajasthan.
She is currently working on various projects at Hiddentalent.in for the development of ambidextral relationships of India with UK and Russia to evaluate and implicate organizations globally at a podium accomplishable by all. For the same, she delegated the visit of eminent Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia. Furthermore, she is selected by University as understudy illustrative of India for promotion of Russian education, culture and tourism in India and vice versa. She has a vast experience of working as a counsellor and consultant with different Universities of UK, India and Russia at all the levels. She is robustly working to explore the hidden and unblemished talent of India so as to exemplify recently launched government Schemes under #MAKEININDIA and elaborating the aspects of education, ultimately accelerating job opportunities for the youth.
Prior to Hiddentalent.in, she vividly provided her commendable services for re-imaging and restoration of colossal industries in Rajasthan through her own venture “ReEmerging Rajasthan”, which was highly applauded by the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ms Vasundhara Raje for her sole motive of bridging proficient and sustainable projects from foreign universities meteorically. She recently orchestrated the meeting of Member of Parliaments from UK with the Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ms. Vasundhara Raje for design and development of enterprise strategies and solutions for performance management, recognition, organization design and culture assessment of various UK universities.
Utkarsha believes in dynamically exploring globetrotting business opportunities required to excel in a wealth generating entrepreneurial environment for the capability of an enterprise in a globalizing environment.


Vikrant Singh

Research and Development

Vikrant manifest to inspire and motivate the Youth of India unfolding the innumerable career opportunities available for higher education globally, which will eventually help them to predestine proper strategy for respective career path. His passion and diverse experience in the field of counselling empowered him to provide proper guidance to graduates and professionals.
He inherited the zest to globalize the laborious rural to industrious pinnacle advocating the importance of education in one’s life. His belonging to education pioneers’ exposed him to explore much rougher terrain of the youth to silhouette education with proper ambition and right outlook so that the embryonic youth can reshape and revalue themselves into improved and successful professionals. His principles and creative mindset can channelize thousands of students in opting for the best career opportunities based on their skills and knowledge.
He realized the immense potential for tourism promotion from his school and university days on account of one of the famous tourist place in Rajasthan, where he completed his studies from. He considered the promising impacts of local tourism and globalization enriching the infrastructure and its development during the years.
Vikrant completed his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Shridhar University and then worked as a Site Engineer at Atelier d’architect. During his M.Sc in Project Management from the renowned University of Central Lancashire, UK, he worked on various prestigious projects for improvement of Public-Private Partnerships in UK. He enhanced his aspects of management with skills of risk evaluation and strategy management during his association with Dove Nest Group, UK.
He is currently working on a mega project at Hiddentalent.in to make the villages of Rajasthan autonomous and sustainable through economic growth and educate each for viable employment generation. For the headway of the villages of Rajasthan, he is utilizing his business theories that depend on understanding, cooperation, sway, communication and change implementation. Through his dedicated efforts, he is improvising the ideology of MAKE IN INDIA and elaborating the aspects of education and employment for each as Local Problem Local Solution.



Data Analyst and Content Development

Siddharth has an excellent and diligent eye for identification of business vogues. With his irrefutable pundit skills he can extrapolate data into information, information into insight and insight into crystallized business decisions, recognizing certain patterns of variance statistics with advanced and conscientious computer proficiency.
His lucid core business models embrace development of an ambidextral Indo-Russian industry for Indians incorporating study of vital and sustainable next generation courses like Rocket and Power Engineering, Space Science, Robotics, Oil and Natural Gas associated with employment and generation, solely beneficial for an organization. He keenly locates and elucidates new process improvement and static analysis of aspects by analyzing and interpreting trends prevailing at the global level, implicating business and information needs in India and eradicating the scenarios presumed against the Russian Education Patterns.
His association with prominent paragons in Russia empowered him to develop an autonomous talent pool who volunteered, developed, designed and led large scale quality management projects encompassing performance assessment and improvement in operational governance and divisional business process management projects during Cultural Event “Friends of India” organized by Embassy of India, Moscow in the honour of Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.
Through his statistical study and significant analysis, he developed core business model and strategies for Indian companies based in Russia and outsourced in India at Hiddentalent.in for inception of employment for Indian students on a universal and cohesive platform embellishing ideology of MAKE IN INDIA associated with apex Russian universities bolstering immense opportunities for investment.

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